Be part of the revolution! Change the way you view Mental Health! Create, don’t compete!

Whenever I begin to share my story, a prominent phrase automatically, and involuntarily trips clumsily off the tip of my tongue;

“…but I know there are lots of people who have experienced far worse!”

Within this simple justification is all that is wrong with the way we, as a society, have been strait-jacketed, if you will, into viewing mental health. …

Our time is far too precious a commodity to waste not being wholesomely happy.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Whilst in the midst of a tear streaming, bellyaching, can’t catch your breath laughter party with my little boy the other day, I realized in that tiny moment of everyday simplicity what happiness means to me.

If I could have videoed that very moment in slow motion; the way my son threw his head back heavy with the weight of his laughter, his copper hair catching in the exquisite gleam of early spring sunshine. The toddler-tight grip of his little fingertips anchoring himself from the turbulence of the deepest belly chuckle. The tightness in my cheeks from laughing, loudly, and…

Take time back for yourself, and love yourself for it!

Propped up in bed on a marshmallow cloud of pillows and scattered cushions, cradling a deliciously hot mug of tea. The trail of burning incense swooning on the whisper of a breeze with the blissful vocal tones of Billy Holiday. Just to sit, submerged in this soulful moment, a moment of utter peace, calm, tranquillity.

I’m not thinking of anything. Not worrying about anything. Not fighting the urge to get up and get on with the chores. Just surrendering to the ripples of calm. Relaxing a little deeper into the…

Leah Gummery

Writer and proud single mum with a passion for all things positive! Degrees in Mental Health and experienced in life’s unpredictability!

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